Yoga & Meditation


Yoga offers participants an opportunity to stretch their bodies and their minds.  Aimed at improving flexibility, strength and balance, yoga is a favorite at the facility.  This class has been offered in all three security units.

Beth Lucasey teaches the class in the medium unit.  Faithful yogis attend class weekly.  Beth’s class traverses traditional social groupings and provides a clique free zone for practicing open mindedness.

BethLucaseyBeth is a nurse by profession and has the opportunity to learn from people experiencing change. Change of all kind: birth, death, and everything in between. “As far as I can tell, people seem to look for a bit of solace for the soul and to avoid pain”.  Yoga addresses both those needs and then adds the message – Be Good, Do Good. “The Arts in Prison mission strives through the arts to inspire positive change, tolerance and community reconnection. Seemed like a good fit to yoga”.

Beth comments, “I recently walked into a crowded yoga class in medium security that included the usual suspects and two new guys. The older man, who had experienced a stroke, sat stiffly on his mat right next to a teenage gang banger with the muscled body of youth. They did not acknowledge each other. By the end of the class each man had given full and equal effort learning new poses. Both fell. A lot. In front of the entire class.  I laughed. They laughed. That’s good yoga.”

Meditation and Yoga
Facilitated by volunteers from the Serenity Pause™ program at Unity Temple in KCMO this class is available to inmates from all religious backgrounds and spiritual traditions. This program is designed to help participants create peace and serenity – away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No previous meditation experience is necessary.